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Connect your services to LG appliances with ThinQ Connect.

As LG ThinQ’s cloud appliances platform offered to B2B partners, ThinQ Connect connects the services of partners with LG appliances so that they can be controlled and monitored. Would you like to make a real Smart Home? Provide your services to LG appliance users with ThinQ Connect.

ThinQ connect API is designed by RESTful pattern

ThinQ Connect API

API (Application Programming Interface) allows our partners' services to communicate with LG appliances. Designed with a user friendly RESTful design, this API allows your services to

✓ send control commands to LG appliances

✓ monitor device status

✓ receive push messages from the devices.

Using ThinQ Connect API, your service can control LG appliance devices.


Using ThinQ Connect API, your service can monitor LG appliance devices.


Using ThinQ Connect API, your service can subscribe to Push messages from LG appliance devices.

Push Message

Device Profile

Models the features and properties of LG appliances and describes them in JSON format, with defined attributes for controlling home appliances or reporting their status.

The ThinQ Connect API uses device profiles to convey information from LG appliances in requests and responses. With ThinQ Connect API, your services

✓ can query the profiles of each consumer device

✓ read the profile's attribute values and get status information for devices

✓ or change the profile's attribute values to issue control commands to devices.


    "notification": {  "push" : [ "DOOR_IS_OPEN", ......], ......}
    "property": {
        "doorStatus" : [{......}, ...... ],
        "temperature": [{......}, ...... ],

The device profile is written by JSON format.

We provide the device profile for various types of LG appliances.
ThinQ Simulator

LG ThinQ Simulator

This provides a web-based virtual LG appliance. Even without an LG appliance, you can test and develop services that work with ThinQ Connect on virtual devices.

LG ThinQ Simulator currently supports one representative model for each appliance type from both South Korea and the United States, and the number of countries and models supported is expected to gradually expand.

  • South Korea (9 types): refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, styler, dish washer, oven, air conditioner, air cleaner, dehumidifier
  • USA (9 types): refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, styler, dish washer, oven, air conditioner, air cleaner, dehumidifier

How can You develop a ThinQ Connect integrated service?

Would you like to offer your services to LG Home Appliance customers by connecting with ThinQ Connect? ThinQ Connect is only available to LG Electronics B2B Partners. In partnership with LG Electronics, this developer's site provides you with the necessary technical information to develop your services. See the following process.

Establish Partnership


Establish Partnership

First, enter into a partnership consultation with LG Electronics. If you have any questions about the partnership, contact us via the email below.

Join Developer Site


Join Developer Site

Sign in to the Developer Site and request permission. Once your permission is approved, you will have access to the necessary technical information on the Developer Site.

Create your service.


Create Your Service

Request services creation for your company and get the service-specific information for development.

  • DEV_SERVICE_CONFIG (e.g., service key/id used for development purposes only)
Develop your service.


Develop Your Service

Refer to the technical documentation and implement your services. You can ask questions and receive technical support from an LG representative through a forum.

Certify your service.


Certify Your Service

Request certification. When certification completed, we will issue you the service-specific information for deployment, enabling you to integrate the service to ThinQ platform's operation server.

Permission request

Request your Permission of the developer site.

Are you a ThinQ Connect Partner? Request permission to access this developer site and receive the technical information you need. Once approved, you will have access to all of the technical information provided to B2B Partners through this site.

  • You can request permission after joining the site. If you have not signed up yet, please do so first before proceeding.
Forum - Ask a question

Ask a Question.

Do you have any questions about developing ThinQ Connect integrated services? Check out the company forums available for each partner company. You can contact an LG representative on the forum for development-related issues. The forum can only be accessed by users who are authorized to use this site, and is run as a private forum for users belonging to the same company to share forum content with each other.

ThinQ Connect API Reference

ThinQ Connect
API Reference

Provides details about the API, including example code for API calls and responses.


ThinQ Connect API Call Sequence

ThinQ Connect
API Call Sequence

Describes how to use the API using an API call flow.


Device Profile

LG Home Appliances
Device Profile

Provides the profile which model LG appliance's features and properties in JSON format for each device type.