Partnership with ThinQ Connect

Want to offer your IoT service to LG home appliance users? Become a partner of ThinQ Connect.
ThinQ Connect is one of the various interfaces provided by the LG ThinQ platform, allowing the partner's service to communicate with numerous LG appliances connected to the LG ThinQ platform.

ThinQ Connect concept diagram

Why ThinQ Connect?

Learn about the features and benefits of ThinQ Connect,
See what your service can do with ThinQ Connect to provide your customers.

cloud based Server-to-Server Interface

Cloud server interface

ThinQ Connect provides a cloud-based Web API (Application Programming Interface) that works with partner servers. Do you operate IoT services for smart appliances? ThinQ Connect extends your service to LG home appliance users.

Intuitive RESTful API

Intuitive RESTful API

ThinQ Connect's API is designed in an easy-to-use RESTful pattern. This well-designed API helps you develop and operate your services easily.

Supports for various types of appliances

Support for various LG products

ThinQ Connect currently supports 12 types of LG appliances, and will support LG TVs in the future.

(Refrigerator / washer / dryer / air conditioner / air cleaner / robot cleaner / oven / dishwasher / styler / water purifier / dehumidifier / ceiling fan / TV-to be supported)

Controlling devices

LG device control

ThinQ Connect provides a web API to control LG devices. This API allows customers to control their devices registered with the LG ThinQ platform through your service.

Monitoring devices

LG device status lookup

ThinQ Connect provides a web API to query the status of LG devices. This API allows customers to monitor their devices registered with the LG ThinQ platform through your service.

Subscribing to Push messages

Push message from LG device

ThinQ Connect provides a web API to subscribe to push messages from LG devices. Your service can subscribe to push messages sent by LG devices via this API to deliver useful notifications to your customers (e.g., "Laundry complete", "Replace parts", etc.) and provide additional functions associated with them.

How to Become a Partner?

ThinQ Connect is only available to LG Electronics B2B partners. Once you become a partner, you will be provided with the technical information you need and can start developing your service. You can also contact your LG representative for technical support through the online forum. Do you want to be a partner? Please refer to the following for further discussion on partnership.

01. Application

Download and fill out the ThinQ Connect Partnership Application.

02. Partnership request

Attach the completed application to the email address below.

03. Partner registration

Your LG representative will review your application and contact you to discuss your partnership.

How to Develop a Service?

If you have a partnership, start developing your service. The process of developing and deploying a service is as follows: Get the resources you need through the developer site for each step.

Development Process
Join ThinQ.Cloud Developer
Create your Service
Develop your Service
Certify your Service